How to Complete Koeman FUT Birthday Icon SBC in FIFA 23?

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FIFA 23 enthusiasts have always held a deep admiration for Icon cards, and among the esteemed selection of these special cards, the legendary Ronald Koeman’s FUT Birthday Icon stands out. This exclusive tribute to the iconic Dutch defender, who left an indelible mark on the sport, is now obtainable as a reward through the Squad Building Challenge.

In this article, we delve into the details of the Ronald Koeman FUT Birthday Icon SBC, exploring the requirements, strategy, and cost-effectiveness, ensuring that fans have all the necessary information to add this revered player to their teams.

How to Complete Koeman FUT Birthday Icon SBC in FIFA 23?

The Ronald Koeman FUT Birthday Icon SBC distinguishes itself from other challenges like Ronaldinho and Ferenc Puskas’ in terms of difficulty. While not overly demanding, completing this SBC entails constructing six starting elevens, each with its own specific criteria. Meeting these requirements poses a unique challenge, making the process both intriguing and rewarding.

Requirements for the Ronald Koeman FUT Birthday Icon SBC:

  • Born Legend:
    • Form a squad comprising eleven Rare Bronze players.
  • Rising Star:
    • Assemble a squad of eleven Rare Silver players.
  • On a Loan [XP]:
    • Create a squad of Bronze-quality players, including four Silver-quality players in the starting eleven.
  • King of Freekicks:
    • Include one Dutch player in the starting eleven, while ensuring the overall team rating exceeds 82.
  • Blaugrana:
    • Incorporate at least one FC Barcelona player into the squad, with the overall rating surpassing 84.
  • League Legend:
    • Assemble a squad featuring at least one La Liga player and include either a Team of the Week (TOTW) or Team of the Season (TOTS) player. The overall team rating should be above 84.

Unlike most Icon SBCs, completing Koeman’s FUT Birthday Icon SBC won’t break the bank. With an estimated cost of around 135,000 FUT coins, this challenge offers a more budget-friendly alternative for acquiring an Icon card. The reasonably priced requirements make it an accessible and enticing opportunity for avid FIFA 23 players.

For those conscious of their resources, fear not, as there are ways to optimize your savings. Utilize cards you already possess to minimize expenses, saving valuable coins. Additionally, if you find yourself running low on resources such as coins and packs, engaging in FUT matches will prove fruitful in replenishing them, ensuring you have the necessary means to complete the SBC.

The FIFA 23 Ronald Koeman FUT Birthday Icon SBC presents an enticing opportunity for fans to add an esteemed player to their teams. With its manageable requirements and cost-effective nature, this challenge offers a chance to acquire a revered card without breaking the bank.

By following the outlined requirements, optimizing resources, and grinding through FUT matches, players can embark on their journey to secure the illustrious Ronald Koeman FUT Birthday Icon. So, don’t miss this opportunity to strengthen your squad with an exceptional player whose legacy resonates throughout football history.

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