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Shroud’s spike drop practise leads to Sentinels Victory At VCT NA LCQ

Sentinels and Shroud played their opening game on the first day of Valorant Champions Tour North America Last Chance Qualifier 2022 against The Guard. They lost the match after an OT defeat on Icebox. 

The team played very well during the series, but people, watching criticised Sentinels about Shroud dying every time he planted the spike. 

Shazam, post-match on his stream, mentioned that it was a mistake and that Shroud was not supposed to plant the spike and was a heat of the game decision. 

But Sentinels being Sentinels, took the opportunity and, ahead of the elimination match against Shopify Rebellion, released a video where Shazam was seen practising spike dropping with Shroud. 

And the results were seen in the elimination game against Shopify Rebellion. The Best-of-three started on Breeze, the comfort pick for new Sentinels, and it was one of the coldest series from Shroud. 


Sentinels on attack started well but struggled to find consistent attacking picks, with Shroud clutches being the only few rounds they won. Despite a strong start, the team only managed to win five attacking rounds in the second half. 

The second half was Sentinels playground, where the teams displayed how to defend on the Breeze and completely shut down the attacks from Shopify Rebellion.

Shopify Rebellion only managed to win one round, and with it, Sentinels closed their map pick 13-8. 

The second map Fracture started with Sentinels again winning four rounds out of the first five, but Shopify Rebellions responded with six straight rounds of their own to close the half 7-5 in their favour. 

The second half had Sentinels reaching map point before Shopify could get ten rounds. But Shopify maintained its composure and won the last four rounds to force overtime. 

The OT started with both teams exchanging two attack halves and a defensive half. In the fourth OT defence half, Zellsis’s perfectly timed play helped Sentinels get a man advantage and capitalised on it. 

The second half of the fourth OT had Shroud getting the crucial kill TiGG to secure the map and securing the first victory for Sentinels. Zellsis finished the map on 30 kills while Shroud finished the series on KDA of 39/33/18 and the whole Sentinels squad turned up to secure the win. 

Coutesy: Valorant Champions Tour NA Twitter

The team now would play 100 Thieves on 12th August in another elimination match and would be all set to get the victory. 

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