Rumors hint Valorant might be introducing Battle Royale mode

valorant battle royale

Valorant is known for bringing new changes in every patch and changing the meta very often. Recently ‘PlayerIGN’ one of the prominent PUBG leakers tweeted that Riot might be testing Valorant’s battle royale mode in China.

He tweeted this a year ago and now has replied to himself by attaching a video link. He says that how his sources in China claim PUBG players have been testing the new mode.

Battle mode will have players fighting each other and rather than instantly dying, they will enter a downed state from which they can be revived.

It will be quite interesting to see how the players and fans react to the new game mode and if they will relish it.

The video explains how the leaker is confirmed that his sources are correct and this mode might be a possibility in the future. 

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