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Reserve your Valorant in-game nick before it’s gone

Previously known as Project A, Riot games have finally honored it’s upcoming FPS enterprise with the name Valorant on the 2nd of March. Since then the hype among the community has really scaled new heights with some famous Esports organizations across the globe already entering the bid to create a professional team for the same.

Since years the community has been enjoying playing these famous FPS titles like Valve’s Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Siege. But now with the launch of Valorant on the Horizon, players are eagerly waiting to lay their hands on this brand new FPS project where they would get to experience some potential game mechanics which can be found in the likes of Blizzard’s Overwatch and Origin’s Apex Legends.

If you’re truly looking forward to being a part of the hype train for playing Valorant and till date you haven’t played any of the games on the Riot’s client, you might want to rush for creating an account for the same as by creating one, you will stand a chance to get your desired name and reserve it on a permanent basis.

Coming from playing on the famous client like steam where you can freely change your In-game nickname, Riot won’t be giving away second chances to change the same. For Example, If you’re from Europe West, your ID will stay as unique to that region which means if someone would have already picked it up, you may have to get more creative and scratch your brains for a different name to reserve.

If you desire to reserve a specific name for playing Valorant, I can guide you through the process which can totally help you to get the desired name as per your wishes. For doing this, first, you need to sign up for a Riot Games’ account by visiting the League of Legends website.

As I have mentioned another game, don’t you worry as I am not asking you to play it. Once you’re on the main page, you would need to compulsorily select your region as it would matter when you play the game. With the proper region information input, the game will automatically set the ping parameter for you and thus would allow you to play with no hassle.

Once you are done selecting your region, enter your EMAIL ID and hit START. Upon hitting start, it would redirect you to a page where you would have to set a combination of username and a password as per your choice.

But do keep this in mind that this won’t be the username you would use for playing Valorant. Once you’re done with this, jump onto Riot Game’s Website and login with your newly created credentials.

Upon logging in, you would see an option called Riot ID where you can enter and choose your new Riot ID. Once you’ve found your desired ID make sure you stick to it as it’ll be your name which will be on the display once you play Valorant later in the summer.

Register an account with Riot Games through the League of Legends website.
Enter your desired Valorant username here.

The blue marking in the above image does tell one about changing the region according to his/her location which is imminent and should be done prior to playing any title on Riot’s client.

Bharat Kotwani
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