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Raze x Killjoy Valorant: Riot Games Confirms Raze And KJ Dating Each Other

Valorant fans have been speculating this for a very long time, and today, it has finally been confirmed by the Riot Games itself. Raze and Killjoy has been confirmed to be the first lesbian couple in the competitive shooter. 

In a recent post shared by the official Riot Games Instagram handle, the couple can be seen kissing while sitting on a bench. Fans can check out the post here.

Raze x KJ Valorant Dating

Raze x Killjoy: Riot Announces Valorant Agents As Lesbian Couple

While the picture certainly caught most fans of the competitive shooter by surprise, a good number of players saw it coming due to the duo’s interesting interactions in-game.

“Those voice lines were spicy for a reason then,” a fan comments on the Instagram post.

Whether or not Riot Games decides to add more relationship stories between Valorant Agents still remains to be seen.

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