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FaZe rain exposes FaZe Clan: Explained

FaZe Clan is arguably the biggest esports organization in the world that shaped and inspired how a modern gaming or esports organization should be built. The organization is more than 10 years old has expanded into a variety of businesses and is majorly content driven.

One of the founding members of the organization Nordan Shat aka rain has exposed the organization in his latest video after a monthlong of teasing. rain has undergone a fair share of controversies himself with his substance abuse and has chosen to bring certain information to light that has shaken the industry at the cost of exposing him to the risk of a defamation lawsuit.

Almost two weeks ago he said “People Are Gonna Wanna Kill” him with what was about to expose followed by silence. It took him this long to finally put everything into a video and upload it.  

rain put all his emotions into a video where is expressed how FaZe Clan has dealt with him in terms of finances. It is clear that rain took his time to record the video and clearly thought about what he was doing when he uploaded it with a risk of a lawsuit hanging over his head.

He has claimed that the organization has been shady in the way they have been compensating the influencers before revealing that he is owed money in the organization he helped build before explaining how he has not been paid for the work that he has put in for them.

According to him, the organisation are deceiving the fans in more ways than one. Fans are nothing more than just “numbers.” to them how the creators are not getting paid in full for their content as the organization rips them off. rain being a shareholder in the company is what held him from making the video but now he feels that fans should know the truth.

He urged up-and-coming content creators to not look to be a part of such organizations and that they are better off without them. “Don’t need these f**iking old people that dictate what you do and take advantage just for money!” he said.

This incident has sent shockwaves in the world of gaming and esports. None of the members of FaZe has officially released a statement but needless to say, they are unhappy. What happens in the coming days will dictate how an organization as big as FaZe will deal with its creators moving forward.

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