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Pokimane opines on Valorant’s SAGE character, believes it’s overpowered

Popular streamer “Pokimane” was invited to try out Valorant during a recent play test, and we think she now got a favourite character in the game!

A lot of streamers and influencers worldwide were invited to try out Valorant first-hand. From Shroud, to Nadeshot to others, early impressions of the game were pretty good. However, they were not allowed to get deeper into the details when they expressed their first thoughts and their very first experiences when they played the game.

Pokimane, one of the popular League of Legends streamers took to Twitch on 31st of March and mentioned that Sage could possibly be one of the strongest characters in the game. After putting a decent amount of time in playing the game, Pokimane said that Sage was one of her most favourite character in the game. The abilities in Sage’s kit allows you to heal your allies and even resurrect them, which is pretty insane. She said,

“In this sort of a game, a lot of the time you won’t even get to heal your team. Either the people that are low aren’t near you, or you guys all run it at once or sometimes there’s just no time.”

She also mentioned that having the ability to self heal is one of the most strongest aspects of the character that were not clear in the teaser clip that featured the character Sage. She further said,

“It’s a full-health heal, so if you get lucky and kill someone, you heal yourself, you’re back to full and that way you can sometimes trade two for one which is really good.”

She also said that her “Wall Ability” is the strongest as per her in Sage’s kit. This ability allows Sage to throw an orb in the intended direction that creates a solid-wall.

“This sh** is so hard to break. Oh my God her wall is insane and it lasts a hot minute,” she further added. It seems like this Sage’s wall can sustain a good amount of damage before breaking. You can read more about that teaser clip here.

Anuj Rautela
Anuj Rautelahttp://www.talkesport.com
Anuj "BLaSToiS3" Rautela, a MOBA-esports player, played competitively in Arena of Valor, creator of the team "ExDee Gaming" which represented India at Asian Games 2018. A true fitness-freak! & loves to create content; coding when bored.
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