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Valorant Players Find New Game Breaking Bug With Iso

Only a few weeks have passed since the release of the newest Valorant Agent Iso in the live servers, and players of the competitive shooter have already managed to find game breaking bugs involving the Chinese Duelist within the short span since his arrival.

The aforementioned Iso bug enables him to live through a Spike explosion, which should otherwise immediately kill any player caught in its radius.

The bug has been shared by Reddit user ‘Mashimuno’ in the official subreddit of the title, and many Valorant players have claimed to have encountered this bug while playing the game.

The attached video shows the bug in action, where Iso uses his ‘Double Tap’ ability to live through the Spike explosion. Instead of killing Iso instantly, the explosion deals no damage to him whatsoever as long as he is under his shield.

For the uninitiated, Iso’s shield from ‘Double Tap’ enables him to live through one instance of any damage, but it shouldn’t be able to protect him from the Spike explosion since it isn’t a single instance of damage. Users have also pointed out that Reyna can’t survive the Spike explosion even if she enters the radius with her ‘Dismiss’.

Valorant players from around the world are eagerly anticipating Riot Games to promptly address this issue at the earliest.

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