New VALORANT Bug Makes Viper’s Abilities Completely Useless

Viper's Smokes Are Useless Thanks to This New VALORANT Bug

valorant viper

In the wake of the introduction of new content in Valorant’s Episode Seven on June 27, a series of unexpected and notorious bugs have surfaced, causing major disruptions to gameplay. One bug, in particular, that has been causing significant concern renders three abilities of the character Viper ineffective for the entirety of a match. This bug has yet to be addressed, much to the chagrin of Viper mains​​.

Viper, a formidable controller agent in the Valorant line-up of 22 agents, has a distinctive capacity to temporarily diminish her enemies’ health. This is primarily due to the Decay status effect of her Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, and Pit abilities. Despite numerous nerfs over the years, the Decay effect of Viper’s abilities has maintained its potency, making her smokes an optimal choice for site control​​.

The bug identified in Episode Seven has the potential to entirely nullify the Decay effect for players. As a result, these players do not need to concern themselves with the Decay effect from Poison Cloud, Toxic Screen, and Viper’s Pit throughout the game. This bug can be replicated if a player, regardless of their chosen agent, perishes in an area where ally and enemy Viper’s ultimates overlap, after which they will become immune to any decay damage from Viper’s abilities​.

How to Exploit the New VALORANT Bug That Makes Viper’s Abilities Useless

To demonstrate the bug effectively, the presence of Viper on both teams is necessary. Both Vipers would need to deploy their ultimates, namely Viper’s Pit, in a way that they overlap each other.

However, the bug is not easy to replicate in a competitive or unrated match due to the numerous prerequisites. In most instances, players would not be able to deploy their ultimates in the same round or at the same location. Furthermore, Viper’s Pit requires eight ult points, which means that players would typically only be able to use their pit a maximum of two times in a match’s half. Despite the challenges in recreating the bug, if it does occur, the player who becomes immune can exploit it to gain an unfair advantage in winning the match​.

The Viper’s Pit bug is not the only concern. Another game-altering bug linked to the aggressive scientist character is forcing players to endure permanent decay damage, leaving them to play at one health point for an entire round. Several players have reported being affected by this bug, although it has not been possible to replicate it in a custom match​.

These bugs came to light immediately after the launch of Episode Seven, which introduced Valorant’s fifth sentinel agent, an alternate game mode, a new battle pass, and more.

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