NetEase Launches ‘Hyper Front’: A 5v5 Shooter Similar to Valorant For Mobile

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NetEase Games has launched their newest title, ‘Hyper Front’, which was previously codenamed ‘Project M’, to several countries after about 6 months of beta testing.

The tactical shooter, which looks similar to Riot Games’ Valorant in more than one way, was initially unveiled back in August 2021.

Valorant has undoubtedly been one of the biggest hits in the world of competitive shooters over the past two years. Originally released in June 2020, the title managed to win the hearts of millions of fans worldwide due to its unique and interesting game mechanics.

What separated Valorant from most other shooters is the fact that agents in Valorant could use various ‘abilities’ to give them an edge in combat. NetEase has adopted the same concept by introducing ‘Hyper Front’ to mobile devices. 

From the initial looks, the weapons and abilities in Hyper Front seem to be almost identical to those of Valorant.

Hyper Front is currently available to play in the following countries – Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, and Singapore.

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