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Krafton to host ‘PUBG New State Open Challenge’ in Korea

Krafton has announced its first official PUBG: New State esports tournament named the New State Mobile Open Challenge. The tournament will take place in Korea starting February 5 and ending on February 19.

This will be the first-ever tournament for the players based in Korea that features a prize pool of $250,000 USD. The event will feature the game’s new BR: Extreme mode, which launched on both Android and iOS devices last week.

PUBG New State eligibility, rules

The registrations for PUBG New State Mobile Open Challenge are now open for Korea-based players who have earned Gold Tier or higher in season 1. Eligible players can register until February 2nd.

Players will battle it out in BR: Extreme mode, which features 64-player lobbies and 20-minute rounds. The game mode takes place on the Troi map and the battleground is limited to a small playable area within the map that is randomly picked every match. All players begin with a P1911 handgun, a smoke grenade, fully charged boost meters, and 300 Drone Credits.

After a match begins, two Care Packages will be dropped aimlessly areas, which will contain very good quality stuff. Each match will have eight groups of four players in New State Mobile Open Challenge and the occasion will utilize a few parts of the Standard and Universal PUBG Esports Ruleset that is utilized in PUBG: Battlegrounds esports.

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