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Valorant: Guild Esports Boost That Led To Disqualification In Debut First Strike EU

It has been quite a while since the German agent Killjoy entered the world of Valorant. However, it seems like some of the bugs revolving around her are still not fixed. One great example of such a bug involving Killjoy is the infamous turret-wall bug that lets Sage players build a floating wall over Killjoy’s turret.

This floating wall is enough to give you some major unfair advantages across several maps in Valorant. For instance, placing one on B site of Ascent will enable the defenders to peek through the tiny window, catching any attackers off-guard.

What is the wall boost?

The turret-wall boost is done by having a Killjoy and Sage on the same team. The Killjoy places a turret and the Sage stands near it. Once both players are prepared, the Killjoy player jumps while standing close to the deployed turret and Sage simultaneously builds her wall on the turret. If done correctly, the wall will boost Killjoy up the wall.

The turret can then be called back by Killjoy, but the wall will continue to float in the air for its entire duration.

Players have continued to discover their own innovative ways to do this wall-boost with Killjoy and Sage over the past few days.

Why is this controversial

Initially, this might seem like a good way to glide through the competitive spectrum of ranks, but this is still abuse. Any form of unfair advantage shouldn’t be a part of competitive shooters like Valorant.

Professional Valorant team Guild Esports has been disqualified by Riot for abusing this exploit in Ascent during a tournament game against G2 Esports. Consequently, G2 received a forfeit win and proceeded to beat Ninjas in Pyjamas 2-0 to secure a place in the Regional Finals of the First Strike European Qualifiers.

This exploit will likely be fixed soon by Riot but we’ll recommend not using this in your ranked games to not risk any unwanted bans. Besides, relying on some mechanical abuse to rank up your account can ultimately lead you nowhere.

Sonu Banerjee
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