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Game-Breaking Valorant Bug Teleports Players Above Map


Since its initial release in June 2020, Riot Games’ tactical shooter Valorant has seen its fair share of game-breaking bugs. From Omen players noclipping through the map walls to Yoru players teleporting outside maps, Valorant has seen it all over the past year.

Luckily, all those issues had been fixed rather quickly by the developers. However, as time progresses, newer bugs continue to surface. 

A new game-breaking Valorant bug has been discovered by an Omen player that teleports him to a location above the map which should otherwise be unreachable by ordinary means.

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Reddit user ‘Witchbirth’ has shared his encounter with the bug in a post on the platform. The clip shows his friend, who was playing Omen, accidentally teleporting to a location above the B-site in Bind.

The unintentional teleport allows him to catch his enemies off-guard one by one, eventually winning his team the round.

It goes without saying that this interaction shouldn’t be possible with Omen’s ultimate, which can be used to teleport anywhere on the map.

It’s also unclear if this bug can be recreated at will. Players might be able to recreate it if they teleport to the exact same spot as the Omen player did in the clip, but we can’t be certain about that yet

In either case, fans will be expecting Riot to fix this nasty bug at the earliest. 

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