Cloud9 reveal Valorant Invitational, to be a part of Red Bull’s AdrenaLAN


North American Organization Cloud9 team up with Red Bull as they reveal “To The Skyes” a Valorant Invitational charity event featuring 8 teams which include Cloud9 Blue, T1, FaZe, and many more. Among these 8 teams, the Red Bull AdrenaLAN champions would be winning a total sum of $25,000USD which would be later on donated to the charity.

The list of teams participating in this Cloud9 Valorant Invitational is:

  • Cloud9 Blue
  • Cloud9 White
  • T1
  • Complexity
  • Renegades
  • Envy
  • Mythicals (TSM Myth and Friends)
  • Faze

The Skyes is scheduled to be conducted from December 19th through the next day. You can catch the action live on Cloud9’s Twitch channel at 2:30 am IST.

On December 19th, right after the Valorant Invitational, Red Bull gaming athlete and Twitch Streamer GrandPooBear will be hosting a “Fall Guys” tournament which will feature 16 Candian streamers as they will take on the challenge over the $5000USD Prize pool.

Both these events are part of the third annual Red Bull AdrenaLAN, which kicks off this weekend with an array of gaming programming featuring world premieres, unique performances and thrilling competitions. This year, the event moves online and will be live-streamed Dec. 19-20 across multiple channels, bringing something for everyone who has an interest in gaming. The event celebrates Canadian gaming and includes many of the country’s top streamers and athletes.

With this gig being AdrenaLAN’s third iteration, the Canadians can opt in for a plethora of free-to-enter tournaments like League of Legends, VALORANT, and Street Fighter V over here. These titles also share a total prize pool of $25,000USD up for grabs. Along with these tournaments, AdrenaLAN will also feature a Call Of Duty : Warzone tournament where there will be three private game lobbies consisting of 38 teams in each. Players will stand a chance to lock horns with Toronto Ultra, a pro team from Canada where they will be awarded cash bounties if they take down these professional players. 

For more information, do follow RedBull Canada at their Twitter Handle : @RedBullCanada

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