Valorant Griefers Are Using Jump Bots To Avoid AFK Detection

These jump-bots execute random movements that prevent Riot’s algorithm from marking them as an AFK

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The quality of matchmaking in Valorant is deteriorating at a steady pace, thanks to griefers, smurfs, and abusers who intentionally throw games to disrupt the matchmaking experience of other players on the server.

While Riot is actively working to prevent these abusers from ruining games, it looks like a new method has surfaced that lets these players dodge AFK detection by executing small movements every once in a while.

According to a Reddit post made a day ago, a portion of players are using jump-bots to ruin Valorant games and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Valorant AFK Bot

As mentioned earlier, these jump-bots execute random movements at specific intervals so that they can’t be marked as an AFK by the server. This not only causes one team to have a player disadvantage, but they also wouldn’t get the extra ultimate orb and cash that generally balances out the player shortage.

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Fans will be looking forward to seeing what measures will Riot implement to curb this newly surfaced griefing method.