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Aim Lab Partners Up With Valorant Champions Tour

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The popular aim trainer game Aim Lab has partnered up with Riot Games’ Valorant Champions Tour to launch Aim Lab Combine.

To celebrate the collaboration between the two, Aim Lab has also organized a giveaway to the top performers with the highest scores. Players can receive prizes by obtaining the highest overall scores during April 29th-May 5th.

“While the Aim Lab Combine is open to the public, players can link their Riot accounts to access its full suite of features and prizes,” Riot stated in their website. “Registered players will appear on leaderboards that post top scores from each individual task and top cumulative scores.”

Aim Lab will record the personal statistics of players through a series of six specialized tasks. These tasks will test the players’ Valorant fundamentals like entry, headshot accuracy, microflexing, tracking, trigger control and wall peeking. 

How to play Aimlabs Valorant?

Players can also choose to compare their own statistics with their friends’ or that of professional players.

Created by a group of neuroscientists and released in 2017, Aim Lab provides means of improving their FPS aim to beginners and pro players alike. The title is currently free-to-play and you can get it on Steam.

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