Valorant Update

Riot has shipped another small update to Valorant, and it aims to fix the game-breaking Omen bug on their newest map ‘Icebox’.

Similar to the Killjoy turret bug, this bug allowed Omen players to teleport to areas that would otherwise be unreachable and allowed them to shoot enemies from those areas, giving the player an unfair competitive advantage.

The Icebox was released in Valorant at the start of Act 3 on October 13th, but the map won’t be available for competitive play before October 27th. Hopefully, these sorts of massive bugs will be scouted out by players and fixed by Riot before its ranked release. The upcoming agent Skye is also set to be introduced to the competitive shooter alongside the release of Icebox in rated mode.

It appears like a lot of recent bugs in Valorant were centered around Omen. Only a few months ago, Riot had to completely disable the agent from the game to fix an underlying bug that allowed Omen to teleport through barriers. What do you think of the new Valorant update? Let us know in the comment section below.