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Valorant Soulstrife Skin Bundle Revealed: Release Date, Details & More

A few hours ago, we reported that Riot Games is releasing a new Halloween-themed skin bundle in Valorant. While the initial leaks came from some prominent dataminers on Twitter, the Halloween bundle has finally been confirmed by Riot Games themselves.

Valorant ‘Soulstrife’ Skin Bundle: Details

The Halloween skin bundle in Valorant has been named the ‘Soulstrife’ skin line, and it will include skins for the following weapons in the game:

  • Melee
  • Phantom
  • Guardian
  • Spectre
  • Ghost

Besides the guns, the Haunted bundle will also include a spray and a player card, as per leaks from Twitter user floxay’. He further claimed that each gun will cost you a pocket pinch of 1,775 VP, while the melee costs 3,550 VP. The entire bundle can be purchased from the store for a total of 7,100 VP.

The bundle will have no additional variants, and will only have one level upgrade.


The Soulstrife skin line in Valorant features a spooky finish with shades of black and white on the weapons, with the melee skin being a scythe of the same colors.

Valorant ‘Soulstrife’ Skin Bundle: Release Date

As confirmed by Riot Games, the Soulstrife skin bundle will hit the in-game store on November 2, 2022. The Ion 2.0 bundle goes off-sale on the same date.

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