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Valorant Ranked Mode Temporarily Disappears From Servers

The reasons behind this sudden disappearance of Ranked mode is still unknown.

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On 19th January, 2021, a portion of the Valorant player base across the world reported a temporary disappearance of the ‘Ranked’ mode in-game.

The issue was initially brought to light by fans of the competitive shooter through social media platforms like Reddit. The issue seems to have primarily hit the servers of North America, Asia and South America.

As of now, the reason behind the problem is still unknown. Fans are suspecting it to be a technical fault in Riot’s servers.

Players facing the problem won’t be able to queue for Ranked mode till the issue is resolved. If you find yourself encountering a similar problem, it’s best to wait it out till a patch is delivered from Riot’s side.

Valorant’s ranking system has been under fire from the community recently due to a number of problems involving it. These issues include higher ranked players being unable to find games for prolonged durations while others are often finding themselves being misplaced into skill brackets much higher or lower than their actual in-game skill.

Fans are expecting the developers to ship out a patch in the near future that’ll aim to fix the present problems regarding ranked matchmaking in the title.

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