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Trolls causing frustration for Valorant Pros in Crypto-Betting Ranked Games

Recent reports in the competitive Valorant scene have exposed a growing problem of griefers engaging in crypto-betting. Many prominent figures in the professional Valorant community have resorted to social media to accuse players of throwing ranked games in order to manipulate results for crypto-betting websites after placing bets against their own team.

Within the span of the past few weeks, we’ve seen a number of players being accused of throwing games over crypto-betting. One recent example is the case of two individuals, ‘ZZZ Aphun’ and ‘S1 Shakie’, who have been accused of griefing ranked games on multiple occasions.

On January 16th, German Valorant pro ‘qrizlyy’ shared a video on Twitter, where the aforementioned duo can be seen intentionally throwing a round.

Former Fortnite pro Benjy “benjyfishy” Fish also joined this conversation while revealing that the same player has been ruining his games for several months.

“Aphun has been trolling my games for months,” he said. “Says he isn’t trolling but drops 3 kills maximum a game. Sad to see this is still going on.”

Professional players from around the world have been calling on Riot Games to address this growing issue in Valorant. Despite these calls, the company has yet to publicly acknowledge or respond to the issue. Valorant players are fearing that if no action is taken, the problem could potentially escalate further.

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