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Chamber to get huge Nerfs in Next Valorant Patch

Since his release, Chamber has remained one of the most popular Agents in Valorant due to his unique kit that enables him to hold down sites effectively while enabling him to retreat safely when in sticky situations.

The amount of utility Chamber brings to any team has helped the Sentinel attain high win rates in pubs and competitive play alike.

However, it seems that the current Chamber meta might not be lasting much longer, as Riot Games is testing out some major nerfs to the Agent that can potentially reduce his win rates by a huge margin.

Valorant PBE Patch 4.09 Chamber Nerfs

The newly introduced nerfs to Chamber in Valorant PBE patch 4.09 significantly curbs the effectiveness of his ‘Trademark’ ability by increasing its price while decreasing its charges. Here are all the Chamber changes that are currently being tested out in the PBE:

  • Trademark Charge reduced to 1 from 2.
  • Cost increased from 150 to 200
  • Trademark Audio is louder.

If these changes are introduced to the live servers once the testing phase concludes, they’re almost certain to redefine Chamber’s place in the competitive meta. Many players have started speculating that these nerfs can reduce the overall viability of the French Agent as a Sentinel and instead push him more towards being the team’s primary Operator user.

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