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Valorant Patch 5.04: Players Can Copy Others’ Crosshair, Custom Colour

The Valorant 5.04 update is finally here, and it has brought with it some changes that have been heavily requested by the community. 

While Valorant patch 5.04 didn’t introduce any new Agent or map changes, it has given players a fresh Battle Pass to complete and a bunch of other quality-of-life changes that will make the gameplay experience much smoother for players.

Valorant 5.04 Changes: Copy Player Crosshair and Add Custom Colors

Up until now, Valorant players could only select their crosshair color from a limited list of colors that were listed on the crosshair settings. With the 5.04 update, players will be able to select and add custom colors to their crosshair directly from their in-game drop-down menu in the crosshair section of settings. Players will be able to add any color they want to their crosshair using a six-digit hex code.

On top of this, Valorant players will now also have the freedom to copy the crosshair of any player that they spectate in the game. This can be done by simply typing either “/crosshair copy” or “/cc” into that chat while spectating another player.

The Valorant 5.04 update also increases the maximum number of crosshair profiles available per account from 10 to 15, and enables users to individually tune the horizontal and vertical lines on their crosshair.

Needless to say, these changes introduced through the 5.04 update have been applauded by the Valorant community. Previously, Valorant players had to resort to various third-party applications to be able to add custom colors to their crosshair, which can now be done from the game client itself.

Fans can read all about the Valorant 5.04 patch and its contents here.

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