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Valorant mobile coming soon? iOS strings leaked in Patch Notes 1.09

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Recently, rumors about a possible Valorant mobile version has made it to the headlines on multiple occasions. While Riot hasn’t made any official announcement confirming a future Valorant mobile version, there have been reports of users accidentally stumbling onto the mobile version controls in the past. Riot has also stated that they were “exploring” with the idea of a Valorant mobile version.

A recent leak by a Valorant data miner has sparked the rumors once again, as they have found strings of codes in the latest Valorant update which directly points to the Valorant mobile version being currently in works.

The leaks contain multiple lines of code hinting towards a possible iOS release for Valorant in future.

Cross-platform playability is something that fans of Valorant have continued to ask forever since the release of the competitive shooter by Riot. These recent reveal by data miners are sure to put a smile on mobile gamers throughout the world.

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