Valorant Bug Crashes The Game When Clicking On ‘Career’

The bug that has surfaced today has made it impossible for players to look up their past career stats.

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A new Valorant bug that surfaced recently has already become a cause of concern for the majority of the Valorant player base. The game-breaking bug instantly crashes the Valorant client for the player encountering it and doesn’t seem to have any known fix at the time of writing.

How does the bug work?

The ‘Career’ option in Valorant can be clicked to freely check the past stats of a player including information on past Acts. However, players are finding it impossible to select the ‘Career’ button as doing so results in instantly freezing the client itself, ultimately crashing it. Many players have reported that there seems to be no fix for this issue, and the problem repeats itself every time a player clicks on ‘Career’.

In case you’re experiencing the same problem, it’s best to not attempt to look at your (or your friends’) careers right now. You can play the game without encountering any issues.

Due to the rising number of player reports regarding the situation, it’s highly likely that Riot will ship out a patch to their competitive shooter to address the problem. For now, all the community can do is wait till the patch arrives.