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Valorant Competitive Queue is Disabled Ahead of 5.04 Update

As we’re standing only a few hours away from the release of the Valorant patch 5.04, many players have started complaining that they’re unable to queue for competitive while trying to play the game.

If you’re finding yourself unable to queue for the competitive game mode in Valorant, then don’t panic. Like every other Valorant update, the competitive queue for the game has been disabled ahead of the upcoming Valorant patch 5.04.

The new Valorant update is set to bring a bunch of quality-of-life changes to the competitive shooter. The patch will enable Valorant players to copy other players’ crosshairs, add custom colors to their own crosshair, and much more that the fans can read all about here.

Valorant Competitive Queue Disabled: When Will It Return?

The Valorant competitive queue will return at the time of the launch of Valorant Episode 5 Act 2, which is scheduled to go live in only a few hours if you’re from SEA or Europe. If you’re from the Americas, the patch deployment should already be underway for you at the time of writing.

All the Valorant servers will be shut down when the patch is deployed by the developers, and they’ll likely come back up in roughly one hour when the maintenance concludes. Players should be able to queue for competitive once the game comes back up.

Fans can read the detailed patch notes for Valorant patch 5.04 here.


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