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Valorant Champions 2022 Standings, Details Inside

It’s finally time for the Valorant Champions 2022, which serves as the capstone event for the 2022 competition season. The VCT Champions 2022 has begun with the entire field of 16 teams competing in the group stage. There, they will compete for eight available berths in the playoffs.

The Champions tournament will feature both seasoned competitors and newcomers. Teams like as OpTic Gaming and Paper Rex will be making a new attempt for the trophy, while other teams such as China’s EDward Gaming and Indonesia’s BOOM Esports will be making their first appearances in an international competition.

The largest prize pool that has been offered at any Valorant tournament so far this year is up for grabs. In comparison to the typical prize pool of $650,000 for Masters events, the pot in the world championship from the year before was worth $1 million.

The competition began on August 31 with the beginning of the group stage and will continue until September 8. After that, it will move on to the playoffs from September 9 to 18.

In the comprehensive explanation that we have provided, you will find the full schedule for Valorant Champions 2022. Each and every match will be streamed live on the official Valorant channels found on both Twitch and YouTube.

Here is the list of all the teams present at the VCT Champions 2022 along with their regional details.

1. OpTic Gaming (North America)
2. XSET (North America)
3. 100 Thieves (North America Last Chance)
4. FunPlus Phoenix (EMEA)
5. Fnatic (EMEA)
6. Team Liquid (EMEA)
7. Leviatán (LATAM)
8. DRX (Korea)
9. ZETA Division (Japan)
10. Paper Rex (APAC)
11. BOOM Esports (APAC Last Chance)
12. KRU Esports (South America Last Chance)
13. FURIA Esports (South America Last Chance)
14. EDward Gaming (East Asia Last Chance)

Below you can find out about the current scores and the standings. The statistics were updated right before the ongoing match between XSET and XERXIA Esports.

Group A 
1Leviatán2 — 0
2Paper Rex1 — 1
3Edward Gaming0 — 1
4Team Liquid0 — 1
Group B
1OpTic Gaming2 — 0
2LOUD1 — 1
3Zeta Division0 — 1
4BOOM Esports0 — 1
Group C
TBDFunPlus Phoenix0 — 0
TBDKRU Esports0 — 0
TBDXERXIA Esports0 — 0
TBDFunPlus Phoenix0 — 0
Group D
1DRX1 — 0
2100 Thieves1 — 0
3Fnatic0 — 1
4FURIA Esports0 — 1
1DRX1 — 0

Each and every match will be streamed live on the official Valorant channels found on both Twitch and YouTube.

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