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Edward Gaming qualifies for Valorant Champions 2022 as China joins VCT

Edward Gaming qualified for VCT for the first time after beating On Sla2ers in VCT East Asia: Last Chance Qualifiers Grand Finals. They will make history by being the very first Chinese team in the annals of the VCT to ever compete in a major competition representing East Asia.

The upcoming performance in Istanbul has generated a lot of excitement among the fans. Because of how well they did in the LCQ, they already had a sizable fanbase before they began competing. Their victories over opponents like NORTHEPTION, REJECT, KONE eSC, and On Sla2ers have been nothing short of spectacular.

The potential of the squad was rapidly brought to the attention of viewers of the VCT as they continued to advance through the stages of the LCQ and eventually made it to Istanbul.

From the Huya Summer Festival in 2020 all the way to the VCT EA: LCQ in 2022, the Chinese squad has traveled a great distance. As they progressed, they won the support of a large number of new followers by demonstrating that they are an unrivaled force in the game of Valorant by claiming victory over some strong opponents in various competitions.

Now that they’ve qualified for VCT: Istanbul, they must lead their country’s competitive gaming scene going forward. As a result of their victory in the East Asia LCQs, they are already a significant source of motivation for lower-tier teams from the region. As a result of this, fans are anticipating that the team will have a successful future.

The Edward Gaming lineup is led by two experienced coaches, and as a result, every single member of the team has established themselves as amazing players.

The current lineup has won 10 consecutive professional tournaments, which is a fantastic streak that will be difficult for practically any other team to match. Their performance in the current competition has been pretty impressive.

Since the beginning of the East Asia LCQ, Edward Gaming’s win rate has been a flawless 100% the entire time. Fans should have taken this as a clear indication that there is no way to stop this team.

The forthcoming Valorant Champions Tour: Istanbul is scheduled to begin on September 2, 2022, and run through September 18, 2022, when it will conclude. As China is being represented in front of a large audience, Edward Gaming will be making its maiden voyage into uncharted waters with this effort.

It is easy to imagine how stressful it will be for this team to compete in the upcoming competition under such intense pressure. This is the biggest chance for a lineup to distinguish itself as the best in Valorant esports history. The presence of Edward Gaming in Istanbul might be something to behold.

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