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What are Valorant Agent Nationalities? (and Potential New Recruits!)

Valorant’s vibrant cast of characters stands out in the tactical shooter genre, and it’s not just about their skills. Riot Games’ commitment to diverse representation means every player can find an Agent that resonates. From their snappy catchphrases to in-game appearances, each Agent carries their cultural heritage with pride.

Valorant’s recently launched world map underscores this global perspective, pinning down the origin of every Agent. But have you ever wondered how your main’s hometown shapes their persona? Let’s break it down.

Valorant Agent Nationalities

  • Viper: Seattle, USA
  • Brimstone: Baltimore, USA
  • Gekko: Los Angeles. USA
  • Reyna: Mexico City, Mexico
  • Raze: Salvador, Brazil
  • Astra: Accra, Ghana
  • Cypher: Rabat, Morocco
  • Chamber: Paris, France
  • Phoenix: London, England
  • Clove: Edinburgh, Scotland
  • Deadlock: Oslo, Norway
  • Breach: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Killjoy: Berlin, Germany
  • Sova: Severomorsk
  • Fade: Istanbul, Turkey
  • Harbor: Mumbai, India
  • Iso: Chongqing, China
  • Sage: Xi’an, China
  • Jett: Seoul, South Korea
  • Yoru: Tokyo, Japan
  • Neon: Taguig, Philippines
  • Skye: Nimbin, Australia
  • Omen: Unknown
  • KAY/O: Unknown

Where Are Valorant’s Boundaries Headed Next?

The current Valorant roster spans the world, but there’s still room to grow! Here are a few regions with high potential for future Agents:

  • South America: A fiery Brazilian duelist or a cunning strategist from Argentina could shake up the tactics you know.
  • Southeast Asia: A stealthy Indonesian infiltrator or a tech-savvy agent from Singapore would bring innovative gadgets to the fight.
  • Africa: South Africa and North Africa hold a wealth of cultural inspiration for potential Agent designs and skillsets.

As Valorant continues to expand, we can expect even more diverse Agents to join the fray. Each addition promises to broaden the game’s narrative and strategic possibilities. With every new Agent, Riot Games reinforces its commitment to creating a world where everyone feels welcome. Who will you fight for next?

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