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Valorant Agent Specific Keybinds are Currently in Development

Since the early days of Valorant, fans have been raising repeated demands for agent-specific keybinds in the tactical shooter.

Last year, Riot Games had confirmed that they’re planning on adding agent-specific keybinds at some point in the future. While no exact date was given, fans still held their hopes up high for this highly anticipated upcoming feature.

In today’s blog post (Ask Valorant), the developers behind Valorant have once again updated fans on the status of this feature.

The devs have confirmed that the feature is currently in the works. However, no specific timing about its release has been given as of yet.

As stated by Riot, the agent-specific keybinds can be expected to arrive in Episode 3, which is still a few months away.

Photo: Riot Games

These sorts of keybinds will enable players to customize their gameplay a lot further with separate keybinds for each agent’s abilities.

An example of this feature can be found in popular MOBA titles like Dota 2 or some shooters like Overwatch, where players are allowed to freely set binds for the abilities of every hero.

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