The week 11 missions of Fortnite Season 5 are already here, and fans are eager to complete all the Valentine’s Day challenges to gain themselves some sweet XP for their Battle Pass.

If you’re looking to gain some extra XP this week on top of that, you should start collecting each week’s XP coins.

Today, we’re gonna take a look at the locations of the newly-released Week 11 XP coins.

The week 11 XP coin locations have been revealed by Fortnite dataminer VastBlast in a recent Tweet which you can take a look at here:

This week, Fortnite players will be able to find:
1 x Gold Coin

2 x Purple Coins

3 x Blue Coins

4 x Green Coins

The gold, purple, blue, and green coins will reward players with 20k, 10k, 6.5k, and 5k XP respectively, which is a collective total of 74,500 XP.