Unknown Indian CS:GO lineup with retired players is being formed for IEM

Reportedly some of the top Indian players which formerly retired after humiliating losses are returning back to the scene after Intel Extreme Masters reserved a slot for an Asian team. This newly formed team will be representing India at IEM Asian qualifiers which will be held later this year, dates of which aren’t announced yet.

Intel Extreme Masters

Indian Esports is not a joke, no really trust us, please? Ok, you win.

Although skeptically, but yeah, you do have a good sense of knowledge about the scene here. But, what’s in for this time? Another top player banned? or line-up broke? Nahhhh, this is another roster formation. Hey, please be serious, this is seriously a CS:GO professional national roster of top world-class players representing their nation in an international gaming esports tournament and this team will stay for longer than the participating event would complete.

Reportedly, a set of retired players are coming back to form a new team just to participate in another international level event, only to disbands days later. But is this right though? What about some of the professional organization bearing them without wins and paying them salaries? We have NeckBREAK, Elunes, Brutality and some of the under-developed in the community trying to build the scene but what about these “back-from-the-dead” players who completely over-rule the current scenario and just to attain fame and extend their ego even further, participate in international events?

Ace back from the retirement. Source: Tejas Ace Sawant
Ace back from the retirement. Source: Tejas Ace Sawant

We’re talking about here is the newly formed roster which will be attending the Intel Extreme Masters 2016 Asian qualifiers, the line-up as we have been able to derive is:

  • Tejas ‘Ace’ Sawant – retired
  • Ayush ‘astaRRRRR Deora – retired
  • Mithil ‘MithilF’ Sawant – freelancing / inactive
  • Manan ‘Manan’ Bhat – formerly tMg
  • Gokul ‘dnm’ Sagar – formerly Virtual Impact

Now not to forget these players haven’t revived suddenly from nowhere, they are were a part of some organization but they only quit to participate in this event and they will be again back to business, some with Goodbye sympathetic updates and some complaining how life is difficult being an eSports professional in India, oh the irony!

We got some of the top professionals (yes this time we mean literally) to hear their opinions on how these greedy swaps and opportunistic decisions ruins the community conduct and future of Esports in world’s largest democracy.

It’s ridiculous. Once you make a retirement post, make sure you stay retired. Want to make a comeback? Come back and teach/coach the young blood of the country.

– Sid Joshi, Manager, Team NeckBREAK

They announce they have retired. I guess they dont know the meaning or difference between retiring and taking a break. The amount of coordination they show in changing lineups and making new teams, if they could show 10 percent of that in building a team and coordinate well in game, we could do wonders.

(Name hidden on request)

We should definitely have a governing body which would decide who does what and who gets a chance to play. There should be a code of conduct and the way things are being dealt with. It is really difficult for us as well, keeping the records on who’s playing for whom?

The more we have inconsistency the more we’d lack professionalism and skills. These players really swap teams faster than toddlers does diapers. This is me personally asking the community to answer and respond strictly this time. To be a less patriotic and boycott cheering for this interim roster, players of which will choose either ways after losing spontaneously, once again.


We have got a lot of feedback from the community and the majority is supporting the lineup which played under the name Virtual Impact (Venom, Ace, RiX, dnm, Manan) against Team THREAT in MixBot Pro League #2 defeating them 16/14 with powerpact performance by Ankit ‘V3nom’ Panth.