UNiVeRse quits Team Secret to join EG, Bulba fills the spot

Universe Leaves Team Secret

The Player Swap – Continued

Universe leaves Team Secret, Bulba to join

All the teams playing at the Manila Major were fighting to finish off for the first eight positions to receive an invite for The International 2016. Since now the eight positions are declared, Team Secret and Evil Geniuses with their past poor performances with some losing streaks are sure of not receiving and invite for The International.

As the Defending champions, there are chances that EG may receive one but there are much lower chances for Team Secret to get one since the team was under performing after the departure of w33 and misery.

As both the teams are now probably aware of this situation that they are not receiving and invite for TI6. Universe departs from Team Secret and a usual player swap between EG and Team Secret occurs. Firstly it was RTZ and after the loss of Manila Major (Which is still ongoing) Universe decides to get back to his previous team EG.

The empty position of Team Secret will be taken by Bulba who becomes a free agent after Universe joins EG. Team Secret will be taking on Bulba to complete their roster.

Team Secret may not have any other options regarding the players as the previously kicked w33 and Misery who are most likely to not come back. Other known player who will fit the lineup of Team Secret are already playing in a team and roster for TI6 is locked.

With this decision of both teams, Team Secret and Evil Geniuses will have to play the open qualifiers of TI6 and fight all the way from there. It will also effect the chances of a team to qualify that will be taken by these teams if they succeed to qualify from the open qualifiers.

As this is a serious matter where all the priorities are given to the players instead where most of the decisions are to be taken by the organisation. If the organisations fails to keep the teammates together, the teams will be of course facing problems in the coming future. There is no statement yet from the Manager of Evil Geniuses about the situation.

With this it is finally concluded that EG will finally participate at TI6 with the roster they won at TI5.

Evil Geniuses Roster

 Kurtis “Aui_2000” Ling (1)

 Syed ” Sumail” Hassan (2)

USA Saahil ” UNiVeRsE ” Arora (3)

USA Clinton ” Fear ” Loomis (4)

USA Peter ” ppd ” Dager (5)

Team Secret Roster

 Jacky ” EternalEnVy ” Mao

 Artour ” Arteezy ” Babaev

USA Kanishka ” Bulba ” Sosale

Estonia Clement ” Puppey “ Ivanov

Sweden Johan ” pieliedie ” Astorm

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