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Twitch streamer banned for milking a cow in New World

Popular variety streamer AnnieFuchsia has been banned after milking a cow in the pre-release closed beta of Amazon’s New World.

Amazon’s MMORPG New World turned a lot of heads and Annie was one of the lucky streamers to get access to the closed beta. With everything going smoothly besides negligible issues, the beta was enjoyable, to say the least. Few minutes into the game, Fuchsia decided to milk a cow which somehow the game counted as misconduct that eventually led to a permanent ban.

After she was down milking, the game suddenly hit her with a permanent ban. The streamer was surprised and so were we. Even though the message only read  “Reason: [You have been banned.”, it’s hard to tell if this was a bug that is yet to be fixed by the devs.

Popular streamer Asmongold came to her rescue and provided some insight, “My chat was telling me that you got banned. I talked to someone from New World. They’re watching the stream and they said it was an accident,” he said. “They’re looking into it.”

“Oh, so it’s okay to milk cows?!” the confused Annie asked.

Given the game is still in its beta stage, it is safe to assume that her ban will eventually be revoked. Now that Asmon has confirmed the existence of such a bug, Annie’s fans can expect more “New World” gameplay in the future.

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