Twitch Partner Adin Ross Banned Following GTA RP Stream

Popular Twitch streamer and internet personality Adin Ross has received a ban from the streaming platform following a recent GTA RP stream on his channel.

With a follower count of well over 1 million on Twitch and a subscriber count of over 1.2 million on YouTube, Adin Ross has risen to popularity in an incredibly short span of time.

The unexpected ban was initially tracked by Twitter bot ‘StreamerBans’, a bot that keeps track of Twitch partners who are banned from the platform. However, the reason behind the ban is unclear and hasn’t been mentioned by Twitch.

Fans are suspecting that the temporary ban might be the result of his recent GTA RP stream where two female characters performed actions that appeared to be sexual.

You can catch what happened in the clip here.

It seems like Ross wasn’t very happy about his ban as he proceeded to call out Twitch on their double standards.

“You can be 75% naked , ass n tits out… purposely flaunting… but can’t Roleplay some sh*t in a gta pixelated video game,” he said in a Tweet.