TSM-Entity Gaming partnership revealed in an unorthodox way

thumbnail via liquipedia

Usually, when there is a massive collaboration or change in ownership of organizations, the news comes out in the form of a widespread announcement via either of the involved parties. Something bizarre has happened as without any official word from either Team Solo Mid or Entity Gaming, PUBG Mobile has somewhat revealed a partnership between the two giants.


Through an official post via Instagram, PUBG Mobile fulfilled the task of revealing the groups for the upcoming PUBG Mobile Pro League South Asia 2020 for which Entity Gaming is a directly qualified squad. TSM’s and Entity’s logo can be seen side by side although it does not exactly reveal the nature of the deal. It also under wraps whether it is a full-fledged organization based deal or a mere stint for their mobile esports division. This mere speculation of Team Solo Mid wanting to step into the Indian PUBG Mobile scenario has been around for long and finally, we know little about it

We are awaiting complete details of this agreement via an official post by either Entity Gaming or Team Solo Mid