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Top 7 Most Addictive Video Games Of All Time

Gaming is such an ideal entertainment spot for most people. With technology has shaped the way things are done today, it is almost impossible to shun games from society. Ideally, gaming is associated with the feel-good hormones, dopamine, which makes the entire gaming process addictive.

While being consistent for games in a week can be your understanding of gaming addiction, real addiction happens when you play the same game for months on end.

Although all games can be addictive to play, there are some very particular ones that most gamers get stuck on for hours. Here are some of the top seven of all-time addictive video games, technically ranked by the wisdom of the crowd:


Figure 1 Minecraft

Essentially, this game is all about building structures, fighting skeletons and zombies, and of course, mining for gold, diamonds, iron, among other minerals. You may think that it is simple gameplay, only to realize that most adults, teenagers, and children get glued in the quest to move from one level to the other.

The real deal with the Minecraft game is that there is always more to do, and you can end up sited on your sofa sack for hours without knowing it. So many gamers have taken it as far as to spend more than 8 hours per week playing the Minecraft game.

World of Warcraft

Figure 2 world of Warcraft

The world of Warcraft is a Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGS) type of game known for being very time-consuming, not to mention, addictive. The game is a fantasy based on a sword-and-sorcery landscape, which essentially, allows gamers to create an imaginary second life online. The addictive nature of this game lies in the fact that everyone would want to be a hero, and since you have the chance to slay monsters and achieve this, it may be hours before you get off the game once you start.


Like World of Warcraft, the EverQuest is equally as addictive. It also falls in the category of MMORPGS games. For one, this game is super addictive because of its convenience when it comes to expenses, given that it has a low monthly cost and better yet, can even be free. It has even caused players to coin phrases referring to its addictive nature, for example, ‘Never Rest’ or ‘Ever Crack’ game.


For gamers who thrive in simplicity, the Tetris game can be their trap. This game features a simple concept with some catchy music and fun gameplay. At first, it may not seem as challenging or even pose the threat of addiction, but for every level you up to, you get clingier with making a win to the next one. The drive is mostly in beating your high score every time. Some gamers have even mentioned this game to be more addictive than Minecraft, probably from its simplicity and convenience to play from different gadgets, other than a PC.

Candy Crush Saga

Figure 3 Candy crush

If ever there was an addictive and popular offline game, candy crush saga should win the spot. This game became very popular because of its accessibility on smartphones and other mobile devices, not to mention on desktops and laptops. It quickly has become that game that more than 60% of subway riders play day in day out. With this game, there is never a stop to it because new levels keep getting added, and hence the addiction. Better yet, the social element of this game makes it a lot more tempting to keep playing.

Angry Birds

The Angry Birds game has a unique sense of addiction according to players. Ideally, your motivation to keep playing comes when you beat the level you play. The game quickly became a global phenomenon thanks to its simple mechanics, compelling graphics, and the stars-per-level system.


Figure 4 StarCraft

For any sci-fi geek, the StarCraft can get very addictive. It has a proper combination of sci-fi geekiness and old-school arcade game thrills that make it worthwhile. The sophistication and stimulation that this game presents have even seen to the death of some players, for example, a South Korean who died after 50 hours straight of pure StarCraft gameplay.

All games can get very addictive, depending on the thrill it causes. Because different people are thrilled by various stimuli, it is safe to say that all games should be played with moderation and utmost regard for balance with social life and work.

Duncan Kingori
Duncan Kingori
Duncan has been in the writing profession for a decade now. He has great experience writing informative articles and his work has been appreciated and published in many popular publications. His education background in communication and public relations has given him a concrete base from which to approach different topics in various niches.


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