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This BGMI Pro Had High Fever In Midst Of BGIS Qualifier Game

There have been stories about players performing incredibly in sports even while going through a lot of hardships and such a tale is witnessed in Indian gaming community as well. A player named Saumraj from Skylightz Gaming had a high fever while playing BGIS Quarter Final matches today but in spite of this backlash, he played absolutely perfect to rally his team towards victory.

Destro, a fellow player from Skylightz Gaming, recently uploaded a story post on his official Instagram handle. He posted a picture of a thermometer with a reading of 101.5 °F and mentioned Saumraj. This reading translates roughly to a temperature of 38.5 °C and is considered as a high fever case.

Skylightz Gaming was the part of Group 1 that played today in the BGIS Quarter Finals Day 3. This day was filled with intense action as the best rosters like OR, Team Xspark and TSM were in the competition.

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The roster of Skylightz Gaming toppled these big names and secured the first position in overall scoreboards. They won two matches out of the six scheduled and the MVP of the first match was Saumraj himself with 9 kills.

Saumraj’s stellar performance is the testimony of his dedication to the game and its competition. This short story is an excellent example of the famous quote “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

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