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The buzz around the new Valorant agent Skye’s voice artist

Fans aren't very happy about the Australian agent's voice artist. Who is going to be the voice artist of Skye in Valorant?

It hasn’t been long since Riot has revealed the details on the upcoming Valorant agent Skye, and some heavy criticism has already started flowing from fans of the shooter.

Skye is set to be an Australian agent who’s well-equipped in utility skills. From AoE heals to an ultimate that sends out wolves to hunt down enemies, she has got it all. She might not be much of a duelist, but any team would love to have Skye as a part of it due to her skill set which can easily change the outcome of a round with proper usage.

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Needless to say, the criticism she’s receiving isn’t because of her design at all. In fact, fans are loving the agent and her skills. However, fans seem to be unhappy about her voice actor, who they’re claiming to have a “fake” Australian accent.

“I’m Australian and her accent is so fking fake,” says a Valorant fan on Reddit. “They’re trying to sound like Steve Irwin but Skye just sounds so fking fake, its tilting me so hard.”

Following the harsh criticism from the player base, Riot went ahead and revealed that Skye’s voice actor was indeed a native Australian.

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“We worked with a native Australian VA, but as you’ll discover from more of her story, her accent is intended to be from a more rural part of Australia,” a Riot dev explained on the same thread.

“It’s ok, riding the line between ’bland’ and ‘over the top’ is hard, and I think we landed in a good place,” another dev claimed. “I hope Aussies find some fun references in her lines.”

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In case you unaware of how Skye works or just want to check out her voice lines, Riot has uploaded a reveal trailer of the upcoming agent through their YouTube. Check it out, and you can decide for yourself where do you stand in this controversy.

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