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TenZ’s girlfriend Kyedae bullied into ending Twitch stream

Freshly minted content creator for 100 Thieves Kyedae ‘Kyedae’ Shymko was bullied into ending her Twitch stream by a couple of toxic viewers in her chat. Those toxic viewers were very critical of the perfect life she leads as a streamer for a top organization.

Kyedae has been in a relationship with TenZ for quite some time now and was watching him perform at the VCT Stage 2 just when she noticed her chat being very critical of the perfect lifestyle she leads. Her expressions speak clearly about how she felt as she somehow managed to hold back her tears before ender her broadcast earlier than usual.

“For those of you guys who think that I have a perfect life, I don’t. It’s so rude to undermine these struggles that everyone goes through because everyone goes through different stuff. It’s just really fucked up.” said Kyedae. After a few mean viewers were toxic to her, the rest of her fanbase came together in her support.

Her partner in TenZ came forward to say “It doesn’t take much effort to think about a message before you send it. If you’re sending messages intentionally with a negative intent to hurt the streamers feelings, that is honestly so sad and low.”.

The life a popular streamer leads always looks great for everyone watching from afar, however, fans often tend to undermine the struggles that these personalities have gone through to get where they are. For Kyedae, we hope she’ll recover from this real quick and get back to her winning ways as soon as possible.

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