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Lacari gets DMCA strike by twitch on 4 years old video

Twitch streamer Lacari has lashed out at Amazon’s streaming platform for handing out a DMCA strike on a 4 year old VOD.

DMCA strikes often call for controversy, Twitch’s decisions regarding how they manage DMCA strikes are questioned at times and Lacari’s case is an example of that. DMCA strike on a 4-year-old VOD is as crazy as it sounds, especially when Twitch has put certain processes in place to help manage and avoid coming across a strike.

Lacari is a variety streamer with over 200K followers, having started his channel back in 2016, he has amassed a considerable number of VODs. However, to receive a strike for a 4-year-old video where according to him, he played an Eminem song is absurd, to say the least.

The video since then has been deleted and the streamer confirmed that Twitch had timely served an email notifying him about it but it wasn’t until now that they decided to take any action. He put forward a solid argument stating “The problem is they don’t tell you what the strike is from, and it wasn’t there when I started the stream before!”.

3 DMCA strikes lead to channel termination and Lacari has only two left till parting ways with the platform for good. From here onwards he remains on thin ice with Twitch and has to be extra cautious while streaming. Given his circumstances, it is less likely that this strike gets overlooked which has been the case for several streamers before him where Twitch was at fault.

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