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Team SOUL BGMI roster could be disbanded says Mortal

Team Soul is a household name for every mobile gamer in India and their Battlegrounds Mobile India roster was one of the most hyped announcements in the mobile esports community. The BGMI roster has been underperforming for a long time and Soul Mortal recently addressed this issue on his stream and stated that the team will be parting ways in the future.

Team Soul currently has star players under its BGMI wing with Sid Joshi as their manager. Mavi and Scout joined the core of Team Soul when Battlegrounds Mobile India was launched in the country and soon afterwards, they officially revealed their competitive roster.

The roster currently hosts Scout, Mavi, Mortal, Regaltos and Viper with frequent additions of Aman to the roster. Recently there were rumours that OR Gill will be joining the roster soon and even though he is currently a free agent after his departure from Orange Rock, Mortal has revealed some new plans for their BGMI roster.

Team Soul was once reckoned as the best PUBG Mobile team in India after their miracle run when PUBG Mobile esports was budding in India. The team did not regain their former glory after the competition grew in the country but after the announcement of this roster, the fans were hoping for a revival of their former glory.

Soul has not delivered up to the expectations and this is apparently due to synergy issues between the team. Mortal spoke up about these issues and stated that the roster is not synchronizing well and hence will be disbanded very soon. Scout and Mavi could play from a different team but will remain a part of S8UL.

BGMI officials have not conducted any official tournaments yet but they have announced BGIS with a large prize pool of ₹1 Crore. Professional Indian teams are preparing for this tournament and Team Soul is one of them. This new roster included a blend of raw firepower and incredible strategic mind but this combination has not been working for the team.

Mortal also revealed that Team Soul is not quitting from competitive BGMI as the core team will still include Viper and Regaltos. The future is unclear as the organization has not made any official announcement yet.


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