Team Liquid suspends Quas

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In no time the decision came in by Team Liquid’s owner Steve Arhancet and the investigating panel at TeamLiquid HQ concluded a temporary suspension of their star-player Quas.

Although the announcement on the team website meant that Quas will be remain suspended until a final verdict. He didn’t wait to share his griefs on his facebook fanpage and wished goodbye to his fans.


Quiero escribirles a mis fans Venezolanos, mis compatriotas, mis camaradas, mis hermanos, la indescriptible realizacion…

Posted by Dr Quas on Monday, 23 November 2015

I know this is sad to hear, but this was the better decision moving forward with my life and growing up. I hope that TL finds a suitable replacement and performs as well as I know they can this season. I am very grateful to Team Liquid for giving me the biggest opportunity of my life and for letting me be a part of esports. I wish everyone the best.”

Team Liquid also shared that they are thoroughly investigating the undisclosed issue with the concern and top priority being the privacy of Quas, they will only reveal the details if they find it suitable enough.

It will be a backbreaking work for Team Liquid to find a suitable replacement for Quas. He was considered one of the best laners in North America and is known for his vibrant strategies.

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