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Team Liquid Secure Their Second VCT EMEA LCQ Victory

Starting on 7th August 2022, The Valorant Champions Tour EMEA Last Chance qualifier had the top eight EMEA teams battle it out for the last EMEA spot at Valorant Champions Istanbul. 

The top eight teams clashed in a Double Elimination bracket type tournament where only one team made it to Istanbul. The teams played the matches online from their respective boot camps.

The teams playing the VCT EMEA LCQ were:

  • G2 Esports ( hoody, Meddo, Mixwell, AvovA, nukkye)
  • M3 Champions(Redgar, Sheydos, nAts, Chronicle +1)
  • Team Liquid (Jamppi, Nivera, soulcas, Scream +1)
  • Guild Esports(Sayf, Koldamenta, Trexx, Leo, Russ)
  • Natus Vincere( Cloud, zeddy, dinkzj, 7ssk7, duno)
  • BBL Esports (Turko, Arslan, aimDLL, Qutionerx, CyderX, Muj)
  • Ascend (MONSTEERR, vakk, cNed, starxo, zeek)
  • OG LDN UTD (Boo, feqew, Destrian, MOLSI, hype)

VCT EMEA LCQ bracket


Day 1 – 7th August: Upper Bracket  ROUND 1
4:00 PM CESTG2 Esports02OG LDN UTD
6:00 PM CESTM3 Champions21Acend
Day 2 – 8th August: Upper Bracket ROUND 1
4:00 PM CESTTeam Liquid20BBL Esports
6:00 PM CESTGuild Esports12Natus Vincere
Day 3 – 9th August: Lower Bracket ROUND 1
4:00 PM CESTG2 Esports21Acend
7:00 PM CESTBBL Esports02Guild Esports
Day 4 – 10th August: Upper Bracket ROUND 2
4:00 PM CESTOG LDN UTD12M3 Champions
7:00 PM CESTTeam Liquid20Natus Vincere
Day 5 – 11th August: Lower Bracket ROUND 2
4:00 PM CESTNatus Vincere02G2 Esports
7:00 PM CESTOG LDN UTD20Guild Esports

The action kicked off with G2 Esports taking on OG London United and concluded today with M3 Champions taking on Team Liquid for the Valorant Champions EMEA LCQ Spot. 

Coming into the tournament, Team Liquid had an opportunity to repeat their VCT EMEA LCQ 2021 feat by winning, and they started well by taking down BBL Esports 2-0. 

Liquid defeated Natus Vincere 2-0 in the upper semifinals to secure the Upper finals. 

On the other side of the Upper Finals were M3 Champions, who were looking hot, defeating Ascend and OG London United 2-1 and looking more potent than ever.

The Upper Finals had both the teams taking each other’s map pick 13-8 to play the decider Icebox. Icebox was one of the most competitive games of Valorant in VCT EMEA LCQ 2022, going five OTs with M3C edging out Liquid in the end to secure the Grand finals. 

Now in the Lower Finals, Liquid faced G2 esports. Despite losing the first map, they came back and defeated G2 13-10 and 13-8 on the second map to secure the Grand finals. 

Day 5 – 13th August
2:00 PM CESTM3 Champions21Team Liquid
5:00 PM CESTG2 Esports20OG LDN UTD
8:00 PM CESTTeam Liquid21G2 Esports

The Grand finals started with M3 Champions choosing to play Bind, previously selected by Team liquid and defeated Liquid 13-8, going 1-0 up in the series. 

Icebox, selected by Team Liquid, was a close series where both teams fought tooth and nail, but Liquid managed to edge out M3 Champions in the last round to equalise the series to 1-1.

M3C’s Ascent saw Scream on Phoenix pop off on defence to give Liquid a dominant 8-4 half which the team converted to a 13-6 victory in the second half to be 2-1 up in the series.

Liquid’s Breeze started with an exchange of Rounds to end the first half with Liquid on a round advantage. It seemed that this map would go to the distance, but Liquid had other plans, and on the attack, the team went off, letting M3C win three rounds to close the map 13-8 and win the series 3-1. 

Day 6 – 14th August
4:00 PM CESTM3 Champions13Team Liquid

With this Victory, Team Liquid repeats their 2021 LCQ run and becomes the back-to-back VCT EMEA LCQ winner. They become the 14th Team at Valorant Champions Istanbul and would represent EMEA alongside Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix. 

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