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GodLike Esports wins COD Mobile World Championship – India Finals

GodLike Esports has won the coveted trophy and a spot in the World Finals after beating Vitality in a best-of-seven match at the COD Mobile World Championship India Finals. They walked away with $30,000 and a chance to win more at the global stage.

COD Mobile World Championship 2022 is the pinnacle of COD Mobile esports in the world. It has a prize pool of more than $1 million and several regions are in competition to prove their worth and get a slot at the grand finale.

India was amongst the regions to have its own qualifiers and seeding slots. A total of eight teams qualified for the groups stage and ultimately, GodLike Esports and Vitality have made their way towards the international stage.

COD Mobile World Championship India qualifiers were split into two stages with the first one called a swiss stage. The teams had to win atleast two matches to secure their spot in the next stage.

Enigma Gaming topped the table at this stage and qualified for the second round of double elimination bracket. Here, GodLike Esports faced Vitality in the upper bracket finals and lost with a 3-1 score line.

GodLike ultimately fought through the lower bracket, defeating Enigma 3-0 to qualify for the regional finals. At the grand finale, GodLike and Vitality went toe-to-toe and played the entirety of seven planned matches.

In this battle of giants, GodLike emerged out as a slightly better team which won the tournament and walked away with massive prize money. They both will represent India in the grand finale with $1.7 million at stake.


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