Team Liquid defeat ENCE to win IEM Chicago

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Team Liquid have been crowned CS:GO champions once again—and this time around, it’s at IEM Chicago.

Reigning from North America as the best team in the world, Liquid won their sixth international tournament of the year at IEM Chicago, losing only one map in the process. To take the title, they swept ENCE in a swift best-of-five, which only lasted three maps because of the North Americans’exceptional map pool. During the map veto process, Liquid picked Overpass and Inferno, Ence chose Nuke and Dust2, while Mirage was the decider.

Overpass: Team Liquid won 16-2

As the map began, Ence threw Liquid off their feet by picking up the first pistol round, before Team Liquid was able to pick up fourteen of their own with a good amount of clutches and reversing unfavourable situations. The second half followed the same storyline and Liquid dominated the Finns to a scoreline of 16-2.


Nuke: Team Liquid won 16-3

The second map started with a similar script, the Finnish Ence squad, they were quickly silenced by a surgically-precise Liquid team, The North Americans lost only one round in the second half in a 16-3 win to put Ence’s backs against the wall.


Inferno: Team Liquid won 16-14

For the final map of the series, the two teams loaded into Inferno, where Liquid promptly pulled ahead with a 10-5 lead before switching sides. EliGE led the way once again with 29 kills and only 20 deaths in the map, as Liquid eventually sealed the deal with a 16-14 score.


With this being Team Liquids’ sixth title of 2019 and their second-straight grand final win vs. Ence, IEM Chicago further solidifies them as the best team in the world. Following their win at the BLAST Pro Series Los Angeles last week, it was confirmed that 2019 is really the “Liquid Era.” Now their dominance at the upper echelons of competition is getting out of hand.

Photo Via ESL

They’ve perfected and elevated the CS:GO meta for months on end and they’re seemingly unstoppable, begging several important questions—are they the best lineup in the history of Counter-Strike? And how can anyone prevent them from winning every single big event?

All of the teams will have some weeks to rest and prepare for the StarLadder Berlin Major, which starts on Aug. 23.

Team Liquid are an esports enigma that needs to be solved by contenders like Astralis, Vitality, FaZe Clan, and Ence.

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