Team Empire drops Scandal

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Team Empire drops Scandal – four active members remains to the team

Team Empire drops Scandal from their dota 2 roster after their poor performance at the Chinese Nanyang dota 2 championships season 2.

Team Empire drops scandal
Roman “Scandal” Sadotenkov

Roman “Scandal” Sadotenkov was a former player of Team Empire back in 2012.

Scandal then moved apart from the team due to some disputes with the managerial staff. During his 3 years of time span before he joined back Team Empire he was part of many other known organisations such as Rox-Kis, Power Rangers and Virtus-pro.Polar.

Team Empire looked promising during their performance by qualifying for the ESL One Manila and Manila Majors.

Team was brought down at the Chinese showdown at the Season 2 of Nanyang dota 2 championships. With poor performance at Nanyang the organisation decided to drop their mid player from the roster.

Statement by Team Empire.

” It is still unknown who is going to replace Roman. After Virtus.Pro have disbanded and Polarity have lost its financial support it is safe to assume that CIS free agents’ market is rather full. We hope that Team Empire will come back stronger with new mid player as well as Roman will find his new team and perform greatly. ”

Due to lot of roster changes in CIS regions and many teams disbanding such as Virtus.Pro and even polarity losing their financial support it is assumed that Scandal will be a free agent till the time he is able to find himself a new home.

This is what Scandal have to say about the Situation on his social media page.

The roster change took place after failing to qualify for the International 6 by acquiring bottom 3rd position in their qualifying bubble group and failing to grab a good spot at the season 2 of Nanyang Dota 2 championships. Team Empire is now a part of the post TI6 Shuffle before TI6.

Team Empire’s Current Roster.

Russia Roman ‘RAMZES666’ Kushnarev
Russia Vasily ‘Afterlife’ Shishkin
Russia Yaroslav ‘Miposhka’ Naidenov
Russia Rinat ‘KingR’ Abdullin

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