Majors Restructured?

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majors cancelled


As we all know after The International 5 Valve came up with Majors happening before the start of TI6. It is speculated that the format of Majors will be restructured.

Majors are basically 3 tournaments before The International which takes place every year affiliated with Valve.

The prize money is contributed by Valve and allows the community to enjoy Dota for the whole year.

Ehome’s Manager, Galahad, recently tweeted on weibo that he heard about Valve to cancel the Major’s post Ti6 and come up with a new tournament structure.

This information is not yet confirmed by anyone from Valve or any known personality.

Ehome’s Manager said :

” heard that there won’t be seasonal Majors next year. But Valve will pick some big tournament organisers like ESL and PGL to do CS:GO-like big tournaments. Valve will still provide the prize money. But the essence is that they will outsource the Majors and Valve will not provide the money of organising. Dota2 will have a Hall of Fame, which will select players that shone in the past. But the entrees must have retired for a year.”

With this, rooms for third party Organizers like Starladder & ESL are now open.

It is also speculated that Valve may go with third party organizers for the tournaments who proved to be the best for the community.

The above mentioned things are not yet confirmed and still are rumored.

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