Tayhuhu unbanned on Twitch after community outrage

After the community blasted Twitch over banning Tayhuhu over an honest mistake, she has been unbanned from Twitch allowing her to continue streaming once again.

Tayhuhu left her stream and went to attend a grocery delivery when her daughter took the opportunity to make her way to the set and interact with the chat, which is prohibited according to the Twitch community guidelines. Given the nature of the mistake, the community came together and supported her against Twitch’s decision.

After countless appeals from fans and notable esports personalities, Twitch has rescinded the ban on her channel. With the likes of FalleN supporting Tayhuhu, it was bound to get Twitch’s attention.

Now that Tayhuhu is unbanned, Twitch will likely take a better look at the situation before handing bans. This is a prime example of how the community might react if a ban is handed out wrongly. Twitch is yet to publish a statement on this matter which they usually don’t in given scenarios.