Photo Via HLTV

In the recently ending ECS Season 8 Finals, Stewie2k and his organization Team Liquid ended up second in and against Astralis.

Though they ended up losing the tournament it didn’t stop Stewie to still nail it like a boss! Yes!! you read that right, Stewie became the first-ever NA player to earn in a total of $1 million in just tournament earnings.

Young Stewie2K got his Major breakthrough in 2016 when he joined Cloud9, one of the biggest Esports organization in NA.

Before that, he used to play Counter-Strike with teams like Splyce and SapphireKelownaDotcom there he enjoyed some success in the domestic scene.

During his time in Cloud9, Stewie2K is said to have earned $400,000 with the team in the popular tournaments and the Eleague Boston Major in 2018.

Currently, Stewie2K is the 6th player in the club of Millionaires the top 5 being the Astralis Lineup.

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