Former NAVI player and coach Sergey “starix” Ishchuk among 37 coaches banned for exploiting csgo spectator bug.

ESIC delivers Starix a 10-month ban for exploiting CSGO Spectator Bug. He was recently seen playing in the Navi current vs 1.6 show match. Starix has been quite vocal about integrity in Counter-Strike even calling out Robin ‘flusha’ Rönnquist for cheating on LAN. It leads to quite an ironic situation for him to be banned for breaking fair-play rules.

However, while several coaches are punished, the community took the Ukrainian’s ban least politely.

starix admitted to being aware of the bug since 2016 but ESIC recovered enough evidence which proved that he was using the same during IEM Katowice Qualifier 2017.

The former NAVI player claimed to be unaware of his actions in 2017. However, it is noteworthy that Starix knew about the said bug for as long as 12 months before he himself used it.

37 names have come out today after scanning only 20% of the demos, more such stories are to break in the coming days. Follow this link for the complete list of coaches convicted.